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Aside from a very small professional secretariat located in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, Ghana Friends is a membership organisation, which depends on its  volunteers.


Volunteers can either be a committee member who through the years follows, supports and inspires development activities in Northern Ghana implemented by our local Ghanaian partners or they can work on more general tasks as awareness raising, exchange visits, fundraising and public outreach in Denmark.


To manage and develop the program activities in Northern Ghana, Ghana Friends association has a number of committees. The members of the committees are elected every year at the general assembly meeting and normally consists of 5-7 members, ideally covering a range of different skills and social and professional backgrounds, that the projects can draw on.


The program committees' task is primarily to follow, inspire and support the development

work in Ghana.

The chairmanship shall, together with the Secretariat, maintain the relations with the  

boards of our partner organisations in Ghana.

The chairmanship and secretariat are responsible for relations with funding partners like

Danida on behalf of the association’s board.


The Secretariat is responsible for the ongoing operation of the association as well as the

association's program activities in Ghana.

The secretariat shall report to the association's Board in all matters that are not delegated to the Secretariat. The secretariat services the association's board and committees with presentations,

recommendation, advice and reports.

In relation to the association's programs, the secretariat is responsible for monitoring and evaluation, finance, human resources and capacity building activities in Ghana.

Our organogram


The Secretariat

consists of:

Lene Marie Andreasen 

General Secretary


+45 61417152

Inger Millard 

Program coordinator

+45 61417152

Lise Grauenkær 

Program coordinator


+45 61417152 


The Board


The association's supreme body is the annual general assembly for its members. Here the board members are elected for a two-year time period at a time. Each of the committee nominates a board member.


The chairperson, the deputy chairperson and  the treasurer are elected for a two-year period, while the other committee members from the committees are only elected for a 1-year period.


Katrine Skamris

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