Who we are


Democracy and development in Northern Ghana.

Ghana friends is a development association working for equality and development in the vulnerable Northern Region of Ghana. We support local communities, women and youth to organise and fight for their democratic og social rights. Our main priorities are strengthening food security, improving livelyhoods, the right to quality education and youth empowerment as these areas are the basis for building a strong and just society.


Ghana Friends is run by a small secretariat and a number of strong volunteers.


The General Assembly is the decision-making organ of the association.


Read more about our organisation, organisational structure and secretariat .


Ghana Friends work closely with several Ghanaian partner organisations.

Read about our partnerships here.



Ghana Friends started in 1979 under the name Ghana Friendship Groups in Denmark as an initiative

from Dr. Johannes Holm.  The purpose was to create a people-to-people alternative to the

increasingly professionalised development assistance.

Ghana Friends has grown from being an association of local groups focusing on friendship activities with communities in Northern Ghana in to a development organisation implementing programmes and projects in Northern Ghana.

Ghana Friends has been supported by Danida since 1986 and is now a Framework Organisation with

multiple projects, programmes, partners and donors.



Our main goal is to alleviate poverty in Northern Ghana.

Ghana Friends mission is to contribute to strengthening democratic processes and fight structural inequality in Northern Ghana. We want to promote equality between men and women, young and old, South and North Ghana and other societal inequalities.


Vision & Values


Ghana Friends’ vision is a Ghana that builds on democratic and just values where all citizens’ can influence political decision-making processes where resources are distributed equally. 


Ghana Friends’ core values are equality and democracy.

We understand equality as a Ghana where all citizens have equal access and rights to resources and are recognized as such. This goes specifically for the inequalities persisting between North and South Ghana. 




Our development initiatives have been supported by Danida since 1986, but we also receive support from other donors, foundations and private fundraising. 


Our accounts are audited by the  certified audit firm Brandt revision. The finan GV regnskaber bliver revideret af det statsautoriserede revisionspartnerselskab Brandt Revison. The yearly financial statements are presented and approved at the General Assembly. Program financial statements audited in Ghana and in Denmark.


Financial statements 2017

Framework Financial Statements 2017

Fundraising Statements 2017


Ghana Venskab   I    Klosterport 4T,  DK-8000 Aarhus C   I   Tel +45 6141 7152   I   gv@ghanavenskab.dk

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